Friday, 31 August 2018

More Leonie…

Good afternoon lovely crafters, nearly the weekend again!

I’ve been tidying up my garden so thought I’d share a few pictures…


The chap in the garden centre said this was a new colour and I thought it was a bit different, never had any black flowers

It’s been like this since May with still so many buds, the photo doesn’t do it justice. There are only 2 plants in here along with a marigold and a lobelia, I think it’s got quite a few weeks left in it yet, I love it


This is my Wisteria, I’ve been nurturing it for over 10 years with no sign of a flower

I nearly missed it, but there this Summer, was my first one! I was so excited that I can forgive it for being a bit scratty and I’m expecting big things next year lol


Next my agapanthus…

I’m not a gardener, I enjoy it but am guilty of just planting things anywhere and hoping for the best. I bought this at Castle Howard about 5 years ago and never had a flower. When I visited my lovely friend Lou last year I was chatting to her hubby who is a horticulturist and he said put it in a pot as they like the roots to be contained. I split it into 3 and put them in pots and I can’t believe my eyes, all 3 of them are like this with about 20 flowers each – I am thrilled


Finally I was washing the window sill and brushed off what I thought was just fluff, when I touched it it exploded and (what seemed like) millions of teeny tiny spiders came scurrying out. I’ve never seen anything like it but they’d nearly all gone by the time I found my camera , I think you get the idea…  ewww!! 


Onto some makes and here are a few more of my Leonie cards. This tree stamp is unusual and again a bit outside my comfort zone, I think it would be good for using on journal pages… 




A couple of you asked if she was leaving Hochanda and the answer is no as far as I know. When she designed her previous products it was through Crafters Companion so now she’s doing something similar and collaborating on a Mixed Media range with Clarity. I love watching her craft on the Wednesday shows, I wish I could do it ad hoc like that instead of taking hours to do a card… is it just me?


Thanks so much for dropping by, have a fabulous weekend everyone and you take care now

…oh and I’ve added my original signature this time, could you let me know if you can see it below or if there is just a cross?

…thank you x



  1. Beautiful samples,love that tree stamp. Yes Anne your name is showing

  2. I love that quirky stamp and your cards are wonderful Anne. The black flowers are beautiful, lovely plants but the tiny!! must have brushed up an nest, have a wonderful weekend, Kate x

  3. Lovely flowers in that basket. My agapanthus flower but not as much as that so will be potting mine I think. These are lovely, especially love the top one. I can see your signature x

  4. Lovely photos Anne. I am really jealous of your agapanthus. I bought a couple of bulbs after seeing hundreds of the flowers in Jersey a few years ago, but they have never come up. I love them when they're in bloom. Really beautiful. I'm not so keen on the spiders though! Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  5. I think that tree is growing on you and taking roots. All these cards are ace. Love all your garden piccy's too. I can see your signature and butterflies!! hugs Mrs A.

  6. Your plants and flowers are so beautiful!! I have a hibiscus I've been babying for about ten years. I bring it inside during the winter and it looses almost all of it's leaves but I put it on the deck during the summer and it blooms non-stop :) Your cards are so gorgeous!! I love the beautiful tree on each card!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

    1. Thanks Lisa. We don't have hibiscus here it's not warm enough, they are beautiful x

  7. Lovely pictures of your garden plants, it's been a good year for some plants that haven't normally done so well due to the long spells of warmth and sunshine.
    Fabulous set of cards too, the tree stamp is gorgeous.

  8. Fabulous creations Anne, you've made three wonderful cards with that stamp. Super photos too..... except for the spiders! xx

  9. Brilliant cards and love love your garden photos you have shared. I have had a Wisteria for years its still temperamental some years its fabulous other hardly any flowers. must look for those black flowers at my Garden Centre they look amazing Love and hugs Carole x

  10. Black flowers, have never seen them either but look stunning. Love your cards you have some fabulous ideas.xx

    1. Had to re follow you again, thought I was...? x

    2. I don't know what happened Annie but I can see you are following now, thanks so much x


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